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What are the Top Nail Trends?

We all know that feeling when you come out of the salon with them fresh new nail trends and unseen cuticles: it is pure bliss. So here are some trends, tips and ideas to make your nails feel and look even more amazing for the coming months. Natural has been seen all over the catwalk this season with a combination of natural design accents with the natural shapes and length of nails. Bearing that in mind, softly rounded shaped nails will be a hit in the coming time.

Festival, vacation and pool party season is not here just yet so let’s not rule out the bright polishes. If you’re not feeling brave enough there are some great collections of neon pastel colors to look out for. You’re in luck because The Beauty Floor stocks some perfect polishes to top off your look, for example Essie Watermelon 15ml 40AED.

After the sheer nude takeover that happened in spring, autumn takes a turn to the dark side, while also mixing things up with bright and cheeky nail art ideas. This is good news for us, since we live in a country where the sun never stops shining. Because, who wants to be dull and moody every day, right?

Marsala is the color of the year and is perfect for those autumn months. It’s not overly dark and still gives you a sophisticated look that holds well in a business meeting or fancy dinner. OPI Barefoot in Barcelona for 40AED from The Beauty Floor is the color you are after. Even the name sounds intriguing and adventurous, don’t you think?

When you start playing around with nail art, try and match two tones of the same color together and then finish it off with either a glittering gold or metallic silver. Not only does this get you in the party mood but it also adds a touch of sparkle to your day-today life.

For anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to go to the salon there are a few ways that help in ensuring your DIY nails turn out just as spectacular:

  1. If you are in a rush, like all of Dubai seems to be in every day, then put your nails in a bowl of ice cold water for them to dry quicker.
  2. Stubborn glitter nail polish can be a nightmare to remove! Soak a cotton ball in polish remover, place it onto the nail and then wrap each finger in foil. Leave it for only five minutes and then you’ll be ready to wipe it right off.

Keep an eye on The Beauty Floor for exciting and new nail inspirations and color ideas!

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