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Tips to Keep Pimples Away

Acne, also known as one of your worst skin nightmares, occurs when your hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. The skin gets irritated causing pimples and bumps that can swell to the extent of bleeding. It’s not just ugly. It’s painful. In extreme cases, the damage can go beyond physical. Yep, acne can be depressive. And although it can be treatable, acne can also be persistent. If you have acne-prone skin, read up for tips on how to keep those pesky pimples away.

  1. Say No to Soap

Regular soap has a higher PH compared to your skin. This can severely dry your skin and cause it to overtime on oil production; a definite no for acne prone skin. Avoid using soap when washing your face. Instead, use a balancing facial wash like John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash. It has willow bark extract that gently washes away dead skin cells to reveal brighter and smoother complexion. It also reduces inflammation and reduces breakouts with the help of grapefruit peel oil.

Use a balancing facial wash like John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash, which thoroughly cleanses while keeping your skin hydrated; balancing oily and acne prone skin.

  1. Also, No Scrubs

Scrubbing seems like a good idea when cleansing. In general, yes. But for acne prone skin, anything more than gentle exfoliation can be too much. Avoid abrasive ingredients like beads. You can use your fingers to gently massage your skin to promote a blood flow. Just pat your skin dry after washing, never rub with your towel or washcloth—no matter how hypoallergenic they claim to be.

  1. Say Yes to Salicylic

Salicylic acid may sound harsh and scientific but it’s actually naturally derived from plants like willow bark. It’s at par with benzoyl peroxide in terms of its acne-fighting properties but doesn’t dry your skin or cause peeling and redness. What it does is it sloughs away dead skin cells, unclogging your pores and making it less prone to breakouts.

Regularly use a product that contains salicylic acid like Murad Anti-Aging Time Release Acne Cleanser. It doesn’t only keep your skin blemish-free but it also renews your skin for that clear and youthful complexion.

Tips to Keep Pimples Away

  1. Keep Your Tools Clean

Your makeup tools, brushes, puffs and sponges make a good home for dirt and bacteria when left unclean for long periods of time. Make it a habit to sanitize your makeup tools regularly. Regularly means washing brushes and loose powder puffs every two weeks and sponges at least once a week. If you can’t see any white sections left on your sponge after washing, then it would probably be time to toss it out and use a fresh one.

  1. Check Your Head

If your blemishes keep popping up on your forehead, neck or back, it’s time to check the hair care products you use. Chemicals from hair styling products can trickle down to your skin causing irritation so go easy on those. Also examine the ingredients of your daily shampoo and conditioner. Even those seemingly harmless products may contain aggravating ingredients like preservatives and fragrances. Switch to those with more natural ingredients like Phillip B’s African Shea Butter Gentle and Conditioning Shampoo. This two in one hair care product is fragrance-free and doesn’t contain paraben but still delivers a rich lather.

Use Phillip B’s African Shea Butter Gentle and Conditioning Shampoo. It gives your hair the deep cleansing it needs without stripping your hair’s natural moisture while its mild formula makes sure it’s gentle enough for everyone.

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