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Skin care: Terrific 20, Trying 30 & Fabulous over 40

Skin care is all about age, really. To sum it up, keep it light in your twenties but do not be careless; fight the battle with hydration and retinol in your thirties; and last but not least, it’s not about quantity but quality in your forties so choose a few great products that suit your skin type and stick to it! We’ve gone into more detail below, just for you.

Terrific twenties – Prevention is better than cure.

Remember the old proverb, “prevention is better than cure”? Well, it applies to almost everything, including skincare! It’s easy to enjoy your twenties and ignore a problem you don’t yet have (and hopefully with these tips, never will). Aging is a natural process but wouldn’t you rather look fabulous while doing it? Here are 3 simple tips to age gracefully and keep the wrinkles away:

  • Antiaging products are not a necessity. In fact, keep it to a minimum. Highly concentrated products can have bad side effects, especially since you probably don’t need them. Try MURAD RENEWING CLEANSING OIL deep hydration and light wear on-the-go. Apply a dab a day on your face twice a day and you’re good to go!
  • Keeping it clean will do you more good than you can imagine. This is when your skin takes in all the good natural stuff that your surroundings have to offer. Keep your pores open as much as possible. Yes, that means makeup removal time! Try Dermablend long wear makeup remover to remove the gunk and let in the good stuff.
  • You are what you eat (and drink). Antioxidants will save your life! Beans, berries and dark chocolate can save you a decade in the ageing kingdom.

Trying thirties – Fight the wrinkles

  • Start fighting the wrinkles, folks! Your skin is most prone to lines, blemishes and wrinkles now more than ever. Consult your dermatologist and find an anti-aging cream that’s suitable for you or try MURAD ESSENTIAL-C DAILY RENEWAL COMPLEX. The results aren’t immediate but it will fight the antiaging cause with you!
  • Keep your makeup light. Switch to a light foundation like BAREMINERALS BARE SKIN PURE BRIGHTENING SERUM Avoid clogging your pores because the more natural sunlight and fresher air you get, the better.
  • Eye cream is essential. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate as it is thin and prone to wrinkles. To save yourself the harsh lines of aging, look for powerful antioxidants such as Ferulic Acid, Retinol and Deep Hydration. Try MURAD TIME RELEASE RETINOL CONCENTRATE FOR DEEP WRINKLES

Fabulous over Forties – Age gracefully

  • Moisturize away! As your skin gets more fragile, it needs more hydration. Peptide-packed moisturizers are as generous as it gets. A common mistake is applying moisturizer on dry skin – this is way less effective. Instead, dab a few drops of moisture and rub it around you skin before apply moisturizer or apply it right out of the shower to trap the water and hydrate you for hours! Try PEVONICA BOTANICA ESSENTIAL MOISTURIZER.
  • Use cleansers with low concentrations of exfoliating alpha or beta hydroxy acids. This tends to be too harsh and more appropriate for heavy make-up removal. Instead, try MURAD RENEWING CLEANSING CREAM.
  • Alas, the same rules apply to the sun! Protect your skin with SPF creams or sunscreen, as your skin is much thinner and susceptible to damage form the sun’s rays. Apply it every 2 hours, especially if you’re in direct sunlight! Try DERMALO GICA SOLAR DEFENSE BOOSTER SPF50.



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