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Shaving Secrets You Can Steal from your Man.

It’s no secret; our men have nailed shaving down to a science. It may just be a case of practice makes perfect, I mean, some have to do it every single day. Then again, it could also be a case of getting help from the perfect shaving prod ucts.

Us women have to shave, too. We don’t wake up every day with every pertinent body part smooth, silky and hairfree. And no matter how carefully we run the razor through every nook and cranny, nicks and cuts and ugly bumps happen every now and then. Maybe it’s time to look to the pros and steal some shaving secrets. Who are these pros, you ask? Look no further, it’s your man right there.

We’re sharing your men’s shaving secrets, read on and see what you can steal.

Preshave Prep

Just like anything, prep is everything. And by prep we don’t just mean wetting your skin and picking up that razor. Most of us are guilty of this simply because we didn’t know there’s more to preshaving than, well, just adding water.

One of the best ways to prep the skin for shaving is to give it a scrub to polish away dead skin cells. The smoother the surface of the skin to shave, the better. Choose a mild one with natural ingredients to minimize adverse reactions and irritation. Dermatologica Skin Prep Scrub has soothing botanicals that keep the skin smooth, supple and invigoratingl y fresh.

Try Dermatologica Skin Prep Scrub that uses natural corncob to exfoliate dull skin surface without overstimulation.

If you have sensitive skin, it pays to add a layer of protection. Then again, sensitive skin or not, the fact remains that you’re about to glide a sharp blade over your skin. Protection should be a must. After cleansing, apply a thin layer of Dermatologica Pre-Shave Guard on the surface of the skin you’re about to shave.

erm atologica PreShave Guard has camphor extract that prevents inflammation while conditioning the hair away from your skin for an easier shave.

With the preshave guard still on, apply a shaving cream to lessen the friction between your skin and the razor. The easier the razor glides, the better. You can go for an oil instead of a cream for reduced friction and a closer shave. Try Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil that has vitamin E that softens it.

Try Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil that features Tahitian tamanu oil that nourishes while conditioning your skin.

Start shaving and feel the razor glide as it rids your skin of unwanted hair.

Postshave Care

Your skin will be super vulnerable after you shave. It’s literally like having a very thin layer of your skin peeled. It’s only fitting to seal it before you go about your day. Cellex-C Betaplex Fresh Complexion Mist works for all skin types, even for the most sensitive and delicate ones. The mist is concentrated with botanical extracts and natural acids that tighten pores and promote new skin cells up to the surface, pushing the old, dead cells to fall away. Apply mist to your hands, postshave, and pat gently over freshly shaven skin. This versatile product can even double up as a toner and makeup foundation. Talk about a his-and-hers in one convenient bottle.

Apply CellexC Betaplex Fresh Complexion Mist to your hands, postshave, and pat gently over freshly shaven skin.

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