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Say Goodbye to Dry & Rough Skin

Keeping your skin moisturized and glowing without the golden sun and tanning sessions can be tough. So how can you keep the dry & rough skin away and keep your healthy sun kissed look during winter?

  • Winter clothes are your friends.

It’s easy to forget to layer up when the sun is out shining during the day and you can finally enjoy the nice weather. It’s important to remember that exposing your skin to direct contact with the sand and fog outside can have consequences. Coming from extreme temperatures during the winter in UK, USA or even some of the Levant countries, it’s easy to disregard UAE winters as cold and happily stroll along in a pair of shorts and a crop top but you’re much better off with a light cardigan and tights.

2) Less sun does not mean less Sunscreen.

The sun always shines in this part of the world! Sunblock and sunscreen are not just for summer, contrary to popular belief. Apply BARE MINERALS ADVANCED PROTECTION SPF 20 MOISTURIZER on before leaving the house because you are bound to spend more time outdoors during the winter, which ultimately results in more sun time!

3) Cleanliness is King.

This might seem like an obvious one but without the harsh summer causing you to sweat, washing your face or cleaning it with a light toner often slips your mind. Remember to let your pores breathe by taking off your make up hours before you sleep and continuously cleanse your face with John Masters LINDEN BLOSSOM FACE CREME CLEANSER to keep away the dirt. Windy days tend to circulate fog and sand outside, ladies.

4) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

With the absence of the scorching sun outside tickling your thirst, water becomes secondary. Some of best dermatologists and celebrities have attributed their great skin to hydrating! Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. If it’s cold outside and you’re looking to keep warm, hydrate with lightly infused tea or hot water. Keep in mind that this isn’t a quick-fix but over time, the results will leave you more than pleasantly surprised.

5) No more steaming hot showers!

Hot water might seem like one of life’s not-so-guilty pleasures, especially with weather like this, but you’ll be surprised. A super-hot bath breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin leaving less natural skin moisture. Keep it lukewarm at most, and try and keep it short. Five to ten minutes of warm water can benefit you a lot more than twenty to thirty minutes of hot water, believe it or not.

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