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Save your Hair & your Time with 4 Products!

It’s 2015, busy is no longer an acceptable excuse for looking less than fabulous. What with the plethora of products available that can be used on the fly? It’s not just makeup that you can brush on and go, even hair styling and care can take just a few spritz or some dab here and there. Read on and learn about the seemingly heaven-sent hair products that can save, not just time, but a busy girl’s crowning glory on the go. You don’t even have to add water.

  1. Spritz the Smell Away

Don’t you just hate it when you sit in a restaurant for a nice meal and end up taking all the food smell with you when you leave? You can change your clothes if you have a spare in your car (Of course most of us busy people always do, we kind of live in our car.) but you can almost never spare at least an hour or so to run home or to your gym for a quick shower just to wash off your parfum de multicourse meal.

You can use John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist for Skin & Hair as a skin mist to soothe inflammation and irritation or, simply, to freshen up. You can spritz away the whole day over your makeup and other hair styling products.

Carry around a bottle of John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist for Skin & Hair to spritz away unwanted odors in hair and bring in the aromath erapeutic fragrance of lavender with a sweet hint of Japanese ho neysuckle.

  1. Spray on Some Volume

Thinning hair is not just exclusive for men. With the surplus of hair products in the market, some of us girls use too much on a regular basis, which leads to hair fall and thinning hair. And as modern as we are now, a myriad of options is available to promote hair growth; the most convenient and the quickest to provide gratification of them all is the Kerastase Achute (Hairloss) Densitive GL Lotion.

Just spray on dry hair and, voila, instantly see added volume and texture to your hair while it soothes and calms your scalp.

Save your Hair & your Time with 4 Products!

  1. Mobile Color Protection Program

Ever since hair dye has been introduced in the market, a great fraction of women all over the world has never been satisfied with their natural hair color, or even their initially dyed-in hair color. And in the world where a hair color flip can be a shampoo away, there’s a huge tendency to abuse this process in the search for the perfect shade (of the season) until your hair succumbs to damage and breakage. Salons offer treatments for hair color damage and there are those you can buy and DIY at home, the easiest would be those that you just massage onto hair and leave on while you go about your day. No rinse required, just like the Loreal Professional Vitamino Color Smoothing Cream.

Try Loreal Professional Vitamino Color Smoothing Cream. It acts as a color guard for any type of dyed hair and conditions for radiance and shine; especially to split and dry ends.

  1. Roots Recovery in a Jiffy

Another color-dyed hair related problem is dealing with your natural hair color creeping up at the roots. My theory is that hair grows twice as fast right after you dye it so your natural hair color would show at the roots in a week. You can’t go back to the salon to color your roots every week or two, you’re just not-so-gradually burning your scalp, and pockets, that way. And again, nobody has time for that. Well not the busy bee that you are, at least. Enters Color Wow Root Cover Up. It’s the easiest and fastest way to cover up your roots; you literally just brush it on just like makeup. There are different colors to choose from and you can even mix and match if you have highlights.

The best thing about Color Wow Root Cover Up is that it’s waterproof so the brushed on color doesn’t budge when you sweat or even swim, as long as you don’t shampoo it off.

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