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What does your nail polish say about you?

Choosing a nail polish color is pretty much like getting dressed, you’re in front of a closet that’s about to burst from the dresses, shirts, skirts, scarves and all the other articles of clothing you’ve hoarded over the years and you only have one thing to say. Every. Single. Time.

I have nothing to wear.

Except that you’re in the salon, tiny bottles of nail polish in every color of the rainbow and every shade in between lined up in front of you. You try a color and (to the dismay of your manicurist) erase, reach for another one and repeat. Until you sigh and resign to your regular shade.

Whether it’s deep red, sultry black or happy pastel, you always have a go-to shade that you come back to after testing out all the others. Maybe it’s the one that goes best with your skin tone or a generic one that goes with every outfit, the lacquer you love says something about you. Read on and find out what your go-to nail polish color reveals about your personality.

  1. Deep and Dark

Wearing black or other dark shades on your nails is not as generic as picking out an LBD. On the contrary, black nails exude creativity and most of those who wear them very well think outside the box. It’s for the trendsetters who dare to push the envelope a little bit of a rebel with a whole lot of style.

Dare to step dip your fingers into the dark side with Love Your Nails’ Bringing Sexy Black.

What does your nail polish say about you

  1. Shades of Red

No other color can shout both strength and femininity in one breath louder than red. It’s the ultimate color of passion and women who paint their nails red on a regular basis are no stranger to fire. They’re daring and can be a tad dramatic, which is only natural since they don’t shy away from the spotlight.

If you’re bold enough to handle this usually intimidating shade, try Essie’s Really Red.

  1. Brights and Neons

Bright and traffic-stopping, neon colors can’t help but ooze with energy. That being said, those who sport them burst with the same vibe. They’re like being out and about and have no problem standing out. This ball of energy isn’t just magnetic; it’s highly contagious so, be ready for those bright colored fingers to claw you out of your stump.

Color your nails with OPI’s Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot and be ready to go on holiday!

  1. Pretty Pastels

Soft and creamy hues usually give out a girly, romantic aura. That doesn’t necessarily mean that those who wear their nails in pretty pastels are all hearts and flowers. In fact, those who go for pale colors are usually your no-fuss, relaxed women who hate having to care about chipped nail colors. And no, they’re not boring. They just don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you’re one to kick your heels and take it easy, try Au Natural by Essie. It’s the perfect sandy beige hue for that natural-loving you.


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