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As if London hasn’t given us enough to obsess about, we find out about Lottie and its line of lust worthy lacquer, ultra-pretty makeup tools and gush inducing cute accessories. Inspired by the fun and fearless female beauties around the world, any Lottie product will be a perfect gift for every single one of your fun and fearless female friends. Read on for gift ideas guaranteed to keep your squad smiling.

  1. Get Them Glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter? There’s just something about its shine and sparkle that speaks to a girl’s inner glam queen. Share some shimmer this holiday season by giving your girlfriends a little twinkle in a bottle; Lottie’s Adorbs, Vibe, Turn It Up or Be Sassy (or all of them!) nail lacquers are your best bet for a gift that gleams.

Try Lottie’s Adorbs Nail Lacquer

Try Lottie’s Vibe Nail Lacquer

Try Lottie’s Turn It Up Nail Lacquer

Try Lottie’s Be Sassy Nail Lacquer

  1. Bring Out the Artists in Them

The nail artists, that is. We all know how tough it is to perfectly paint our nails, especially those on our right hand. It takes years of practice over sleepovers and even then, there are still days that have you running to the salon in frustration; DIY be damned. Lottie understands this more than you know and created a super simple way to paint your nails. It’s so simple it’ll feel like painting by numbers just like in kindergarten. Come to think of it, it’s exactly like that. Lottie’s Paint by Numbers Manicure set is a nail emergency savior. Make sure your super girls are never without it, gift each of them one.

Try Lottie’s Paint by Numbers Manicure set. Just stencil on and, voila; stylish nails, easy peasy.

Lottie Love

  1. Keep Their Brow Game Strong

The brows have been all the range in the beauty world these past few years. There was a time when everyone plucked their brows until its barely there thin, then came the glory days of sharply angled brows then the bushy brows. Whatever the trend is, one thing has been constant; strays are always a no-no. So what better gift can you give a friend to make sure her brows are always on point but a dependable pair of Lottie’s Brow Babe tweezers.

Try Lottie’s Brow Babe tweezers. Don’t be fooled by their cute colors, they’re strong enough to hold on to those strays until they’re out of the way.

  1. Mirror, Mirror

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but her hand dandy pocket mirror comes in very close second. Of course, there’s not always a shiny utensil, a parked car, a clean window or a friend like you for a quick once over. Make sure she’s always ready for her close up.

Give your girl a compact like a cute Lottie Look At Me one sided mirror.

  1. Brush her Up

A girl can never have enough makeup brushes. Any addition to her growing collection will be much appreciated. If she’s one of those minimalists who stick to what comes with the makeup, make it your pleasure to brush her up on her, well, brush work. A blush brush like Lottie’s Make Me Blush Brush is a good startup brush because of its versatility; cheeks and the rest of the face. This gift makes sure you’ve got her covered.

Try Lottie’s Make Me Blush Brush.

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