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Lip Love; Keeping your lips soft and smooth

Dark red lipstick. Hot pink lipstick. Nude lipstick. No matter the shade, it’s a challenge even for your best lipstick brand to hold on to rough, chapped lips. Having soft and smooth lips isn’t just a health benefit. Taking care of your puckers actually makes getting pretty easier. Read on for easy ways to keep your lips soft, smooth and always ready for any lipstick color.

  1. No Licking

You’d think the most natural way to keep your lips moisturized is to just lick them? What can be more natural than your own saliva, right Wrong. Your saliva actually contains enzymes that damage the lips’ protective layer and dries out your lips as quickly as it can wet them with a lick. Want a natural yet safe way to keep your lips moisturized? Carry around a lip balm with an all-natural formulation like the Decleor Aroma Solutions Nourishing Lip Balm.

This one does more than just moisturize your lips. With a rich blend of botanicals and essential oils, it has hazelnut, rice and macadamia plant oils that replenish your lips nutrients while barley grain, vanilla and tonka bean soften and calm the lip area.

  1. Weatherproof

Just like your skin, your lips react to weather extremes. They actually have it worse since lips don’t have oil glands that produce protective barriers against the elements. Just like you’d apply sunscreen to your skin before going out on the sun or cover up before you head out to winter, your lips need weather-proofing too. Gear up for any weather with Dermatologica’s Climate Control Lip Treatment that prevents damage caused by pollutants and temperature extremes.

Formulated with Dermatologica ’ “AntiOzonate Complex”, it shields the lips from reactive ozone and nourishes and smooths with vitamin E and oat extract.

  1. Exfoliate

Your lips get exposed to a lot of things and they can build up. Make sure to reboot every once in a while and exfoliate to scrub off dead skin. Do this once a week or every two weeks, depending on the condition of your lips. Since your lips are so much more sensitive than your skin, choose your exfoliator carefully.

Try one that has vitamin E that also moisturizes, protects and restores parched lips like the Murad Soothing Skin and Lip Care while it gently exfoliates with salicylic acid. It also has lanolin for an added protection against environment al exposure’s damaging effects.

  1. Set Your Base

You’ve been reading about the lips being so exposed and that being a problem. What other way to remedy that than by covering it up? But before you grab your favorite lipstick palette, make it a habit to protect your lips with a base balm. One like the Decleor Aroma Solutions Nutri Smoothing Lipstick works as a conditioning treatment that smooths, soothes, nourishes, repairs and protects stressed lips with its luxurious blend of hydrating emollients and healing actives.

Apply to your lips before your colored lipstick or wear as it is on your au naturel days.

Healthy lips are the key to beautiful lips. Now that your puckers are ready, pick a color and blow a kiss to the world that’s falling in love with your smile.

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