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How Should You Line Your Eyes?

The eyes are the windows to your soul. Your eyeliner? They make those windows look pretty. The eyeliner game has been so strong lately; we’re in a day and age where it’s perfectly acceptable to walk around with thick winged eyes in broad daylight. Then again, not everyone can pull that off. Whether or not your liner will look good still depends heavily on your specific eye shape. It’s not a one-size-fits-all thing, unfortunately. But then again, one eyeliner can be used in multiple ways on multiple eye shapes.

Meet Bareminerals’ Lasting Line Long Wearing Eyeliner. It’s an eyeliner pencil that comes in a twist-up tube with its built in sharpener to make sure your liner’s literally on point in every use. It also comes with a smudge tip that’s ergonomically angled for a smooth blending. The best thing about it, though, is the actual liner; maximum color intensity with a longwearing, smudge-proof, no-fade finish.

Try Bareminerals’ Lasting Line Long Wearing Eyeliner. It’s a liner you can take from day to night, whatever eye shape you have.

So now that you have the ultimate liner, how should you line your eyes? Read on and find out.

1. Mono-lid

Most girls with mono-lids think it’s pointless to put eyeliner on since the lids are too small and narrow and basically swallow the liner the moment the eyes open up. This is why you really need a smudge proof liner when you have this eye shape. You need to thicken your eyeliner and it has to stay put even in direct contact with the upper lids. Draw as close to your lash line as possible and flare the line out a bit towards the end for a little cat-eye.

2. Hooded Eyes

It’s easy for hooded eyes to look heavy so you might want to go easy on the liner if you have them. You’d want to elongate your eyes and extend its shape. Do this by lining close to your lashes, from the center of the eye and all the way to the outer edge. This is an everyday liner look that can look even more polished with a coat or two of mascara.

How Should You Line Your Eyes?

3. Almond Eyes

Make your almond eyes pop by lining around both the upper and lower lashes. Soften the lines a bit by smudging the liner with the angled smudge tip.

Additional tip: You can top the upper liner with metallic gray shadow and still keep your eyes soft. If you want to keep it more natural, use some bronzer to accentuate the crease.

4. Close-Set Eyes

The ultimate #goals when lining closest eyes would be to make them look as far apart as possible. Before anything, you’d have to dab on some concealer on the inner corners of each eye to lighten them up, creating an illusion of a more open area between your eyes. Then, starting on the outer third part of each eye, draw a “V” shape with your liner. Finally, fill it out to create a thick wing.

5. Asymmetrical Eyes

If you have one eye that’s slightly larger than the other, eyeliner will be your bestie for life. This is what you’ll be using to correct and balance out both eyes. Line right over the lash line from the inner corner to the outer eye corner and increase the width at the outer eye on the smaller eye until it evens out the other one.

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