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Get The Holidays’ Look!

Halloween’s come and gone, which only means one thing; the holidays are approaching. Soon enough, if not already, you’d be hopping from one holiday party to another. It’s high time to brush up on your holiday style. You’d want to project that holiday glow without looking like you hired a team of elves for your glam squad. Read on for some tips on how to look the holidays in fashionably subtle ways.

  1. Glam Up with Gold

Gold is a bold holiday statement. The key is to keep it classy by going easy on the glitter. Not all that glitters is gold and too much can be trashy. This statement can easily be true in the makeup world, all that shimmer may just be powder. But not when you have Jane Iredale’s 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder in your hands. This color powder is the real deal with real, food grade 24-karat gold flakes.

And you read that right, this powder is as versatile as it is decadent; you can really use this on your hair, as well as almost anywhere on your skin that needs a little gold shimmer.

Try the Jane Iredale’s 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder. It’s finely milled to glide smoothly on your skin (and even hair!) for that sexy sparkle and radiant glow.

Get the Holidays’ Look!



  1. Shake it in Sequins

Sequins can easily shout “too much” when, well, it’s too much. I can never stress this enough–subtle equals classy, less is more. If you’re one of those who can’t bring herself to wear a fully sequined dress (and mind you, there are fully sequined dresses that don’t make you look like a walking disco ball), wear them elsewhere.

Pick up a pot of Ciaté Emerald Manicure. This sparkly set comes with a full size Ditch the Heels Paint Pot paired with a Velvet Shaker in Chauffeur, a pot of Sequins in Penthouse and an extra special Emerald Caviar blend in Ball Gown. It even comes with a funnel, little black brush and a mini tray. Who says you can’t DIY some holiday sparkle?

Try the Ciaté Emerald Manicure and bring the holidays to your fingertips or fingernails.

  1. Let the Eyes Have It

Your eyes, aside from being the windows to your soul, can be the bedrock of your holiday look. Your holiday statement can literally rest on your eyelids with the right shade of eye shadow. Popular holiday hues like the blues and greens can make for great holiday statements. Just make sure to pick the right shade. Some blues and greens can easily shout retro instead of ho ho ho. Dark green Soiree and medium blue Liberty from Bareminerals are two of your best eyeshadow shade picks for the holiday season.

Try the Dark green Soiree shade of eyeshadow from Bareminerals.

Try the Medium blue Liberty shade of eyeshadow from Bareminerals.

  1. Holiday Highlights

Think J. Lo in her early 2000’s video with LL Cool J. I bet it was hard for you to feel sorry for her even if she was sadly singing through a nasty breakup. I mean, how could you? Her holiday look was spot on and she looked like she can take on anything with that face. Steal her look with a tube of Jane Iredale’s In-Touch Highlighter Complete.

Get that holiday glow with natural looking radiance for your brow bones, cheeks and eyes. This highlighter illuminates with a pale pink hue; the perfect shade to enhance your facial features, whatever skin tone you have. It’s also lightweight for that comfortable and long lasting feel.

Try the Jane Iredale’s In-Touch Highlighter Complete.

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