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7 Face Shapes and the Right Brow for Each.

So you’ve finally found the perfect brow product. Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit is compact and convenient to carry around for emergency touch ups. Now, as universally amazing this product is, it’s only one tool in the battle for perfect brows. There’s not one template brow shape for everyone. The key is to know your face shape and what works best with it.

Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit has it all in one teeny tiny box; two brow brushes and a spooley brush for easy application, a choice between blonde and brunette pigmented brow powder and a transparent botanical brow wax for a longer hold on your brow shape and color.

  1. Round

High and sharp-angled brows have recently been brushed off as too 2014 since bushy brows made a comeback earlier this year. Then again, this edgy arch isn’t just a trend from few seasons ago if you have a round curvy face. Keeping your brows precise and, in some cases, severe actually provides your face with its much needed vertical counterpart.

  1. Hear t- shaped

This seemingly sweet face shape is actually the trickiest to manage since the focus on the face is already towards the eye and forehead area. As much as you’d like to draw your brows according to the latest trend, resist, less is more for this face shape. A simple, sort of straight low arch that hugs your brow bone works best. Don’t be heavy handed with the brow pencil, too. Just pluck out some strays and you’re good to go.

 Face Shapes and the Right Brow for Each

  1. Long

A few years back, I would have advised you to keep your brows as straight as possible to widen your face a bit. That doesn’t really work anymore. Instead, it makes your long face look a bit like a cross. You can actually sport a high or low arch. The key is extending its length horizontally. Also, you don’t need to fill them in with too much brow pencil. Feathery brows look stunning on long faces.

  1. Oval

The only brow rule to follow if you have an oval face is to not follow any. Why? Well, there are simply no rules for your face shape. You’ve practically won the genetic lottery. With such a beautifully shaped face, you can play around with your brow style; dark or light, thick or thin, arch or straight. It doesn’t really matter. Consider yourself blessed.

  1. Close-set eyes

You don’t want to draw any more attention to the inner corners of your eyes so you’re thinking of plucking off some of the hair closest to your nose. Hold up. You’re just making it more noticeable. Leave it and concentrate more on drawing a long and wide arch that’s the same length as your brow bone, or extend if you want. Keep the lines feathery and soft and avoid making them thin or sharp, as they’d look like arrows pointing down to your eyes.

  1. Wide-set eyes

Although close-set and wide-set eyes seem to be polar opposites, there’s so much similarity in how you should keep your eyebrows when you have either of them. This is because both face shapes have the same goal: to keep the attention away from the center of the face. Probably the only difference is that wide-set eyed women can stand to keep their brows fuller. In fact, plucking will only be to remove strays. Grooming is key with this face shape.

  1. Square

An angular hairline and chin makes up a square face. If you don’t want these to be the highlight of your face, make a statement with your brows; go thick and keep the arch nice and strong. Add more drama by going a shade deeper than natural when filling in the brows.

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