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4 Ways to Taking Better Care of the Skins around your Eyes.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the skin around them may just be the window to your stress level. Aside from being one of the first areas to succumb to wrinkles, as we grow older, they’re usually where our stress physically manifests. Did you cry your eyes out last night? Your smile may say no but the puff around them will say otherwise. Sleepless nights? Coffee may perk you up but those dark circles can easily reveal your inner zombie.

The most sensitive skins on your face are those that surround your eye, so extra TLC is required. Read on for ways to take better care of them and for cover up tips that will come in handy when you’ve worked your eyes more than you should.

  1. Catch those zzz’s

This one’s pretty obvious. Sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. Or as close to it as possible. A shut eye this long is what an average adult usually needs to rest, not just the peepers, but the rest of the body as well. It pays a lot to go easy on your eyes, really.

  1. No face creams, please

You got that right. Your regular face cream no matter how well it works on your face, is not for the skin around your eyes. Again, this area is more sensitive than the rest so you need a more sensitive product as well. One that’s especially formulated to take care of this area like Decleor Prolage Lift and Brighten Eye Cream is perfect for the job. It has L-Proline that helps with the tension lines and wrinkles, iris essential oils to lighten dark circles and white sage and finally hyaluronic extract for moisture. All of these basically cover all three major under eye issues.

Try the Decleor Prolage Lift and Brighten Eye Cream. It tightens, tones and firms the delicate skin around your eyes.

Ways to Taking Better Care of the Skins around your Eyes.


  1. Give it the tender touch

Improving circulation around this area is key. Gently massage the skin around your eyes while you cleanse or apply under eye cream.

Try the Decleor Prolage Lift and Brighten Eye Cream that comes with a spatula that’s perfect not just for applying the cream smoothly from the inner corner of the eye outwards but also as a massage tool for this sensitive area.

  1. Conceal and brighten

Unless you’re a mechanically programmed robot, tear fests and sleepless nights are inevitable. If you had one of those nights, be ready to grab your best cover up tools in the morning. Reach no further than for Jane Iredale’s Active Light Under Eye Concealer. And more than cover up, this concealer promotes under eye smoothness and elasticity with hydrating avocado and jojoba oils. You don’t even have to worry about puffy eyes because this concealer also has cucumber juices to soothe inflammation. As a bonus, it also has green tea polyphenols to fight free radicals. A few strokes from its featherweight applicator brush conceals and banishes any trace of a stressful night.

A few dabs of Jane Iredale’s Active Light Under Eye Concealer can conceal overstressed and dark under eyes with a revitalizing blend of mineral pigments available in various full coverage shades for any skin color.

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