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4 reasons facial masks are awesome!

If you want to reap the rewards of a spa facial but don’t have the time or budget to spend in the mecca of pampering and relaxation, a good ‘ol bottle of facial mask can be your best friend. Treating yourself to a few minutes of weekly facials- even in the comforts of your own home, can have the same benefits of a spa facial at a fraction of the cost. Read on and learn more about how awesome facial masks are.

  1. Easy

Facial masks may look intimidating but they’re actually very easy to use. No need to layer different products. Just choose the mask you need and apply on your bare face. You can either relax while waiting to rinse it off or finish some chores. I’d rather just chill and soak in the tub with a glass of bubbly but to each her own, ladies.

  1. Portable

Facial masks fits in your dopp kit and are so easy to carry around. And because of that, you can use them anywhere, even while you’re travelling. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a flight or a road trip, just apply, have it stay on a bit and wipe off. You don’t even have to rinse. But if you still feel that’s too messy for you, carry around a sheet mask instead. Try Decleor Aroma White C+ Brightening Sheet Mask.

Try Decleor Aroma White C+ Brightening Sheet Mask. It’s an expert-formulated skin-brightening treatment packed in a thin sheet so you get intensive treatment to combat pigmentation irregularities on the go.

4 reasons facial masks are awesome!

  1. Versatile

Some facial masks go on double duty offering multiple benefits in one tube. This is perfect for most of us humans who have a multitude of skin issues and want to banish them all with the least amount of effort possible.

If you have oily skin and pores can benefit from Photoshop, you can try Decleor’s 2 in 1 Purifying and Oxygenating Mask; it’s blended with essential oils and marine plant extracts to detoxify your skin, Madagascan ylang ylang and white water lily oils to reduce your skin’s oil production and a technology to tighten pores.

If your skin needs moisture and toning, try John Masters Organics’ Hydrating and Toning Mask. This single mask provides you with a rich blend of nourishing botanicals, essential oils and vitamins that protects against free radicals, regulates oil production and promotes collagen production while thoroughly moisturizing your skin.

  1. Customizable

If you’re a little bit suspicious of products that offer to multitask, you can hand pick different masks that do specific things and target application and customize depending on what area needs what. For example, you can apply Decleor’s Prolagene Lift and Fill Wrinkle Mask directly to your wrinkles and let its LProline complex work on restructuring sagging facial contours while you apply Murad’s Clarifying Mask to the rest of your face to fight acne-causing bacteria for that clear and even complexion.

Try the Decleor’s Prolagene Lift and Fill Wrinkle Mask

Try out the Murad’s Clarifying Mask

The list can go on and on about the benefits of facial masks. It’s an easy, relaxing and fun way to go about taking care of your skin. In fact, it’s too easy it eliminates any reason not to do it. So go ahead and choose a mask (or masks) and see how just a few minutes can make a difference.

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