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4 Products to Style Your Man’s Man

With each bad hair day comes a thought, I wish I were a man; I could use that wash-and-wear hair right now. That until I took a closer look at the shelves of the men’s section of the store and saw bottles, tubes and tubs of different hair styling products I don’t even know what for. Really, how can you have that many styling options for inch-length hair? If you’re as clueless as I was, read on and learn more about your men’s styling products; what they are, how they’re used and pick up ideas on what to give him for the holidays or just because.

  1. Gel

This one I know. And for the longest time, I thought gel was the only hair styling product available to men. It’s the go-to product that boys slap on their hair as soon as they feel the need transition to manhood. It gives a hardened, wet look that can easily backfire when too much is used. Think Jersey Shore and their perpetually wet-headed men.

If your man is one of those traditional ones whose relationship to hair gel started way before he even knew you existed, have him try the American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel. It’s alcohol-free to help hair look thicker and has a low pH level to keep hair and scalp from drying. Yes, I don’t suggest you require him to switch to another product just because of the Jersey Shore reference, most men actually wear hair gel well. Especially those with thick, short to medium length hair.

Try the American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel. It’s formulated with natural extracts that gives hair added body, shine and a strong hold that lasts all day.


  1. Pomade

I’ve heard about pomade for a while, mostly from grandfathers, but I don’t quite know anyone my age who uses it I actually believed it stopped being commercially produced during the turn of the 21st century. It does go way back; basically the hair gel of those dapper dudes in the early 20’s. Except it’s shinier, lasts longer and doesn’t dry hair out or make it flaky.

If your man has thinner hair with a bit of a wave, or even extreme curl, have him try pomade. It’s made quite a comeback recently with companies giving it a more modern take. Try the American Crew Pomade. It’s a more flexible alternative for hair gel and works with any hair length. You may want to pass on this if he has naturally oily hair, pomade doesn’t work well with more oil. You don’t want to be running your fingers through greasy strands, do you?

Try American Crew Pomade for that slick back look.

4 Products to Style Your Man’s Man

  1. Wax

This one’s a sort of a derivative of the good ol’ pomade; sort of its cooler, non-greasy grand kid. This is more of a matte hair product so it works well with naturally oily hair. It doesn’t result in a wet look but has a strong hold so your man’s mane will be pretty much hair-resistant.

If your man has a bit of an oil control problem on his thick hair, have him try Loreal Professional London Addixion Bouncy Wax that combines the texture of both wax and cream for that light and flexible definition. Although it has super strength in keeping his hair in place, it’s flexible and allows for repositioning so he doesn’t need to commit to a single look for hours.

Try Loreal Professional London Addixion Bouncy Wax. Perfect for men who go from day to night with different looks. Like Clark Kent to Superman

  1. Clay

Yep, I am as confused as you are right now when I saw a tub of “clay” to be used to style men’s hair. It took some research to understand that it doesn’t really make hair harden irreversibly like clay, in fact, clay lets you manipulate hair into any style for a more natural, touchable hold.

If you have an active man in your life, this is the best hair styling product for him.

Have him try American Crew Molding Clay—it’s a popular choice for sporty men who tend to sweat a lot since it’s non-greasy but holds hairstyles just as well.


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