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3 Simple Tips on How to Use Dry Shampoo.

You’re not really supposed to wash your hair every single day, no matter how gentle your shampoo claims to be. That’s just stripping your hair off its natural moisture and shine. Especially when you can’t be bothered with regular conditioning and treatment. On the flip side, go on too long without washing your hair and you’ll end up with icky, greasy hair that’ll most likely fall flat to your scalp. The key to keeping your hair shiny yet volumized and oil-free is to know how often your hair needs washing, or to simply get a very dependable bottle of dry shampoo.

If you haven’t been living under a rock and I’m sure you haven’t, you’ve already heard of dry shampoo. You may have even used it once or twice and literally brushed it off because it just didn’t work for you. Say you had your hair blown out and it looks gorgeous. You want to keep the look for days but your hair starts getting greasy by the second day, it’s time to pick up a can of dry shampoo and give it a try. When used the right way, it can do wonders to keeping your do longer than usual. Here are some basic tips on how to work through dry shampoo.

  1. Do a dry run

As with anything you’re new to, you probably shouldn’t use dry shampoo for the first time when you know you’re up for something big for the day. Say you’ll be presenting a proposal to a big group at work that day or you’ve finally got asked out on that first date and you’ve been waiting for that night: not a very good time to experiment. It’s best to do a test run with dry shampoo on a day you know you’d stay home. Or know you have enough time for a fix if anything goes wrong.

 simple tips on how to use dry shampoo

  1. Give it time to work

Dry shampoo’s major task is to remove grease from your hair without washing it. And as much as it is advertised to be a quick alternative to the good old suds, it can easily backfire when you rush your way through it. Dry shampoo needs a bit of time to absorb all the oil on your hair and scalp so you have to give it time to do its job. The best time to use dry shampoo is actually before you go to bed. Spray it on the night before, comb through and sleep on it. You can honestly take a #selfie in the morning and caption it with #iwokeuplikethis. If you’re too late for that, give it at five to ten minutes post spraying before you comb through your hair. That way the product would have a bit time to settle on your scalp and do its job.

  1. Go easy on the spray

Be heavy handed with dry shampoo and you’ll end up with blobs of white powder on your head, especially if you have dark hair. Keep the spray about eight inches away from the scalp when spraying. Mentally divide your head into sections and spritz just enough on each part. Never go full blast on one area with the plan of spreading it out with your fingers or a brush. That technique does not work with dry shampoo.

Now that you’ve discovered exactly how to make dry shampoo work for you, there’s no reason to shy away from this miracle product. I mean, who knew you could shampoo without water, right? Now your only dilemma would be what among the many brands of dry shampoo to use. You can start by trying out Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo. It is mineral and clay based so it steers away from the usual talc ingredient used by most dry shampoos.

Try out Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo. It not only absorbs impurities and excess oil from product buildup but also gives your hair instant volume to prolong that big, sexy do!

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