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2 Organic Products For Your Hair!

Anything organic is the rave right now; food, drinks and anything else you can think of making out of anything natural. It’s not just a trend because it’s, well, trendy. It’s actually good for you. Your hair shouldn’t be an exception to this. In fact, there’s a lot of benefit in going organic with your hair care. You shampoo and condition your hair on a daily basis and style it more often that you probably care to admit. Every time you do, you are taking in all the synthetic ingredients that your hair care products contain. And because it’s as routinely as bathing, you probably haven’t really stopped to look at what’s in your hair care products. I mean, people use them every day: they should be harmless. They may not be as harmful but harmless probably won’t be the opportune term.

The most common ingredient in shampoo is sulfates. They’re what make your shampoo foamy. They’re actually strong chemical detergents, just like what constitutes dishwashing soaps which strip grease like magic. Ever wonder why shampoo makes your hair so squeaky clean to the point of drying it out, irritating your scalp at times? There you go.

So you use conditioner. It’s what makes your hair soft and shiny; it must be full of good stuff. Not exactly. How conditioner works usually is that it coats your hair with some sort of plastic that makes them slippery and easy to manage.

Don’t even get me started on what’s inside those bottles of hairspray and other styling products, stronger chemicals, worse for your hair, and not at all good for you.

Mythic Oil Shampoo & conditioner

Taking all these into consideration, it looks like going organic is the only way to go. Then again, there are not a lot of organic hair care products in the market. That can be the only drawback. Until Loreal Professional came up with an amazing hair care line named Mythic Oil. It has superfine molecule that penetrates your hair from the outside and repairs from the core to the cuticle. Read on for some of your organic must haves from this hair-friendly line.

  1. Mythic Oil Shampoo

This shampoo is 100% natural and organic, using coconut oil to gently cleanse your hair without disturbing your hair color pigmentation if you have color-treated hair while keeping them healthy, bouncy. Mythic oil molecules penetrate deep into damaged and weak hair to give it strength while regenerating the scalp and hair follicles.

  1. Mythic Oil Conditioner

Another natural and organic product from this line is its creamy conditioner that protects hair without weighing it down to keep its body and bounce. This conditioner also doubles as a styling cream that you can leave on, providing hair with texture and definition.

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