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Five types of face brushes and how to use them!

You sit in front of your dresser and decide on a makeup color palette that perfectly matches your carefully chosen outfit of the day. You pick up a base powder that promises to cover your pores with an invisibility cloak and reach out for the makeup brush to start with your beauty art only to find 17 or so other makeup brushes. Each with beautiful bristle heads that seem to wave at you, demanding to be picked. You choose the biggest one but you’re never too sure if it’s THE one. Does this dilemma sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Read on and learn more about face makeup brushes and their uses.

1. Powder brush

This is the most popular tool of the makeup trade and every girl’s default weapon of choice. It pays to invest in this versatile makeup brush since it can be used with powder type foundation product for a medium to full coverage. Try the Bareminerals Flawless Application Face Brush with a soft, semi-round medium brush head that allows for broad sweeping strokes all over the face for an even coverage.

Five types of face brushes and how to use them

2. Duo fiber brush

This is the easiest one to spot because of its bristles’ dark base that end in a feathery light color on the tips. Sometimes called the stippling blush, or simply the blending blush, the duo fiber blush is usually a blend of synthetic fiber and goat hair and is perfect for delicate highlights, blush or bronzer. Get the Jane Iredale Blending Blush that features not only a super silky brush head perfect for application and blending, but is also soft enough never to irritate the skin. It also has a thick and sturdy handle that enables complete control.

3. Angled brush

One of the best makeup brushes for highlights and definition, the angled brush is also known as the contour brush. This makeup brush can easily glide through the contours of your face. Use the Bareminerals Precision Face Brush to sculpt and lift your cheekbones, the best tool for a defined and dramatic finish.

4. Kabuki brush

This one got itself another nickname for its look, short stem for a handle and wide round bristles: mushroom brush. The kabuki brush is often used to apply mineral powder as it blends powdered makeup evenly with a very natural finish. Try gliding the Jane Iredale Kabuki Blush all over your face to deposit the perfect amount of mineral pigment.

Five types of face brushes and how to use them

5. Concealer brush

One of the smaller face brushes, the concealer brush is a flat brush generally used to cover up scars, brown spots, broken capillaries and other blemishes. Its rounded edge is perfect for reaching the nooks and crannies of your face like those dark under eye circles and the space around the nose. Try the Bareminerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush with its soft and flexible brush for a fuller, more concentrated coverage.

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with your makeup brushes, it’s easier to choose which one’s best to use for what. Go ahead and brush away!

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