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5 Skin Types and the Right Cleanser for each.

Caring for your skin by keeping it clean is pretty basic. We all know that the best way to end the day for your skin is to wash it clean a.k.a. restoring it to factory settings. The tricky part is, and not everyone has figured it out, is choosing the right cleanser for your skin type. Wait. There are different skin types? Exactly. Read on to figure out what yours is and know what kind of cleanser you should be using.

  1. Normal skin

Ah, the favoured children. Those with normal skin have few (to none) skin issues. You go about your day with a dewy face and a healthy glow. Most of the time it’s genetic lottery, other times it means you’ve been taking care of your skin well. Thanks to that, you can choose from a wide range of cleansing products. You can go with the basics or up your skin cleansing game with some vitamins. Try Murad Environment Shield Essential-C Cleanser. It has vitamin E that neutralizes free radical rays while vitamins B12 and A calm your skin from environment al stress.

Try Murad Environment Shield Essential-C Cleanser with vitamin C that brightens your complexion as it cleans your skin.

Skin Types and the Right Cleanser for each

  1. Oily skin

The shiny, happy people. Or, you know, you wish. Because, really, you’re tired of having to pat your face with tissue or oil absorbing film to see blots of oil that you still can’t believe came from your skin. This may not entirely mean your genes have failed you as other factors may also cause oily skin. Your diet, your hormones and even the skin products you’re using could be causing your sebaceous gland to overwork and produce more oil than your face needs. You need to choose your cleanser well since oily skin is very prone to acne breakouts.

Try Dermatologica MediBac Clearing Skin Wash. It’s free from fragrance and colorants, which makes it non-irritating. It also has a blend of balm mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, burdock and camphor extracts that soothe and calm your congested skin, making it ready for any additional treatment it may need.

  1. Dry skin

Your sebaceous glands, opposite to those of its hyper cousins from the oily skin group, seems too lazy to produce the oil your skin needs resulting to dry, flaky skin that feels uncomfortably tight. You need a hydrating cleanser to compensate for your skin’s lack of moisture. Try the Decleor Aroma Cleanse that has papaya extract exfoliates that get rid of dead skin cells, leaving you with supple, smooth and radiant skin.

Try the Decleor Aroma Cleanse that has neroli oil for that boost of moisture and hyaluronic acid that helps prevent dehydration.

Skin Types and the Right Cleanser for each.

  1. Combination skin

Your skin, as the name suggests, is a combination of an oily and dry one. The T-zone area usually gets the oil while the cheeks and eye areas remain dry and flaky. The best approach to taking care of combination skin is to use versatile cleanser like Cellex-C Betaplex Gentle Foaming Cleanser that generally works for different skin types. But since your oily T-zone needs a little more TLC, you can use Murad Pore Reform T-zone Pore Refining Serum for this area.

The Cellex-C Betaplex Gentle Foaming Cleanser works for different skin types

This product helps balance oil production to improve the texture of your T-zone area and prevents it from breakouts.

  1. Sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin means that you have to be extra careful with what you use. Not just with cosmetics but more importantly with your everyday products. A seemingly harmless, generic cleanser may easily give your skin an adverse reaction. Choose a product that’s gentle yet delivers the results you need. Bareminerals MD Formulations Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin Formula does just that.

Bareminerals MD Formulations Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin Formula gently clears your pores from debris and excess oil, whisking away impurities without irritating your sensitive skin.

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